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There are many features in AVG virus removal software which protects your privacy. App lock is one such feature. App lock in the AVG antivirus makes it possible to install the apps on the android and prevent it from getting misused by locking them by using a personal password. Hence it provides you privacy as now the app could be unlocked by using the password that you have set so it cannot be misused by any unauthorized users. If anyhow you forget the password, then you can easily recover it through email. For enjoying these features you have to ensure that you install AVG antivirus on your android.

AVG virus removal

App lock is designed to password-protect specific apps only. So make sure that you download only those apps which could be protected by using password. If you feel that there are some instances when you have doubt, then clarify it by the help of our team. Our AVG help team will make sure understand everything very clearly. To protect the mobile device itself from misuse, you can use the Android operating system’s built-in Screen Unlock security mechanism settings. And if you are using AVG virus removal software then there is no need worry because app lock feature is there to protect it.

 Another feature of app lock is that you can also lock the device’s general settings by using a personal password. But before making changes in the general settings you make sure that the settings checkbox on the app lock screen is selected otherwise you will have problem in making the changes. If you have problem in doing so then just dial AVG customer support phone number and take our guidance. Our team has the ability to resolve these type of issues within short span of time.

Another feature in AVG virus removal software is app backup. It provides an option to back up apps to SD card and hence all the backed up apps could be restored to the mobile device at the later time. But you must know this feature does not back up personal information like password. Nowadays online privacy has become very common. As soon as you tap on “online privacy” you will be able to manage all the settings of all your accounts at one place. All these privacy features make AVG antivirus different from all other antivirus present in the market so without delay go and get it installed on your android.

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