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The best way to protect your android is through locking down individual app by using a password. This will prevent any unauthorized person to use the app from your android without your permission. Suppose anyone wants to use it in illegal manner then password will not allow them to do so. Not only in case of unauthorized persons in case of kids also can password help you. There are certain times when you don’t want your kind to get into personal files and documents in that situation you will come to realize the need of protecting the device with a password. This could be very easily done by the usage of AVG antivirus. If you don’t know the steps for doing so then you can seek help from our team by AVG antivirus support number. Further in this article we shall be discussing various ways by which you can quickly password protect your android smartphone.

AVG Antivirus Support Number

Fortunately, AVG antivirus has app lock feature for their android users, by using this feature you can protect any app you want. So we can come to a conclusion that by using it you can protect your android not only from various malwares but also from any unwanted access. So if you want to enjoy all these features you have to make sure that you install the AVG antivirus first. If you require any kind of help for installing the antivirus, then you can take help of our team by dialing AVG support number. Though installation process is very simple, then also there are times when you may have issues in installing it then our team guides you through the process. The only thing that you need to need to do is call in AVG antivirus support number. In order to install it you have to download the AVG antivirus from its website then you will find few guidelines which you have to follow accurately and you are done.

Now the question arises how to set password in android through the avg. The steps are simple yet if you find any difficulty in understand any of the step then contact in AVG toll free number and take help of the experts. The steps are:

  • After opening AVG virus protection, you have to select the privacy icon.
  • Then you will find app lock icon which you have to select.
  • Among the apps that appear you have to select the apps you want to lock.
  • Then you want to set password for app lock.

After you set the password your app is locked for any authorized users. Make sure that you remember the password otherwise you will get into trouble. If anyhow you forget it then without getting panic just dial AVG antivirus support number and get expert opinion from our team.


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