Today, android phones are lifeline of almost everyone across the globe. Android is something like a mini computer that you can carry everywhere with ease. Many people save their passwords, card numbers and other personal details in their android. But while accessing internet on it, it becomes prone to attacks of malwares which can steal your personal details. Hence, there comes the need to install AVG antivirus for Android on your phone and keep it safe from attacks of the malwares.

AVG antivirus for Android

There are mainly three reasons which are responsible for attacks on android. One is the rooter which tries to cheat you and force to give the root privileges on the phone. Once they have the control they can easily steal your data or install a new malware, or they also have capability of deleting your application. Another one is the downloader or dropper which is considered as the best bait or converter. While downloading something you may think that it is harmless and interesting, but some other harmful programs may get installed on your device. The last one is the fake application that you may download on your device thinking that it is the real one from a trusted store.  In case of any such reason just give a call in AVG technical support number and get the issue resolved within minutes and save your android.

Anything that could protect your device from all these things would prove to be boon for you. AVG antivirus for Android is something alike. It has all those features which helps in providing complete protection to your device from any virus attack. Below discussed are some of its features:

  • Fingerprint support: Fingerprint scanner is similar to biometric cryptography which is useful for protecting the device. It ensures that potential intruders are unable to access the data by just guessing your password.
  • Pattern lock: It is another effective way to protect the phone. If you have any problem in implementing it then you can take help of our team by dialing AVG customer service number.
  • Send message: Avg has several anti-theft features which helps you to have remote control over your device. If it is lost or stolen, you get the message of its location through SMS to another linked number.

The importance of avg is not restricted to laptops or computers the AVG antivirus for Android could be used on android for protecting it from malwares.

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