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There are many such features present in the avg antivirus which makes it different from all other antivirus present in the market. Anti–theft feature is one such feature which is especially available for androids. If you want to know more about this feature, then call in AVG customer service phone number. It is designed to protect your private mobile data. It also helps you to recover your device in case it is lost for somebody steals it. It has advanced anti-theft options in which the photo of the thief gets captured when he enters incorrect pin.

AVG customer service phone number

When you contact AVG team they will explain you all the features in detail. You have to upgrade avg antivirus for android to the pro version if you want to enjoy all these features. At any point of time, you feel that you will need an assistance then don’t hesitate to contact us in AVG customer service phone number. Our team will not only activate the anti-theft feature but they will also upgrade it to the pro version so that you can receive maximum benefit of the avg.

The activation process of the anti-theft feature is required in both free and pro versions. All the steps are given in it, you have to just follow the steps accurately and you will find that you have very easily reached to your goal. First we will discuss the steps to activate this feature in between if you feel that you may need help then just dial AVG tech support phone number and seek assistance.

  • Firstly, you have to tap the avg antivirus for android icon on your device.
  • After you tap on it you will find a menu icon in top left corner you have to click on it.
  • When you click on menu, you will see anti-theft you have to select that.
  • Finally, you have to tap set up to start the activation process.

If you have problem in understanding any of the above mentioned step of activation, then simply call in AVG helpline number and seek help. Once the activation process gets started then you have to create a pin. For that you have to tap on set pin. Then you have to select an account for pin reset and then you have to tap OK to confirm. Once you confirm it now you can create your pin and you have to retype it to confirm it. If you have difficulty in creating your own password, then you can take help of our team by dialing AVG customer service phone number. Once you call us our team will instantly help you to understand the steps properly.

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